The role of TCP

The role of TCP is not just to own the pub

1104-545It is to make sure the pub fulfils a community need over and above it’s social function.

To that end In July 2013 the new Management Committee started the process of developing a strategic plan for the future of the Green Man.

It was agreed that the development of the plan would be an inclusive process where ever possible.

Shareholders, customers and the wider community would have a say in the strategy and the final plan should be based on collective views, aspirations and identified needs.

Two surveys were conducted and from the information gathered, five key objectives were developed to guide the Management Committee forward over the next 5 to 10 years.

Involving the Wider Community

Objective: That the Green Man meets its potential as a ‘Community Pub’, supports the widest range possible of village groups and organisations and provides facilities to help address problems caused by the village’s relative isolation


Objective: The Green Man is redesigned in line with wishes of the shareholders and customers and the need of the community and its organisations. The future design will ensure improved efficiency, be environmentally friendly and become a beacon of ecological practice.


Objective: The Green Man provides good quality traditional pub fare with locally sourced food produced in a kitchen designed to meet current standards

Décor and Maintenance

Objective: In line with the Vision Statement the Green Man provides its customers a clean, welcoming, pleasant ambience, in well maintained surroundings. This has become an increasing problem given the extremely low level of investment over the past 25 years by previous owners.

Tenancy of the Green Man

Objective: The pub is managed by a competent and professional tenant / manager that understands and responds to the needs of the local and wider community.

From the above a future development plan has been drawn up that includes remodelling of the whole pub.

This will require funding, an area that the committee is actively pursuing.