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TCP is now managing the Greenman directly – 3rd April 2017

by Mary-Ann Stevenson | Chairman TCP

I am delighted to announce that after a very difficult few months the TCP Management Committee are now in direct control of the Green Man.

We will be open from 5 pm this evening to welcome Vikki our new Manager so why not come and join us for a celebratory drink!

We are planning an event at the pub to tell you about our plans with a party to celebrate afterwards (more details on that to follow). 

Looking forward to seeing you in the pub very soon!

Best wishes

Mary-Ann Stevenson | TCP Chair

Weathering the Storm – 24th February 2017

by Mary-Ann Stevenson | Chairman TCP

Toppesfield has felt the full force of Storm Doris and she has caused considerable devastation but at least the pub is again serving Pumphouse beer!

For those of you who are not regulars you might question why I would need to send out such a message but for those shareholders who use the pub you will hopefully understand the story behind this.

I know that many people really care about the pub and are upset that they do not know exactly what is going on but I hope you can appreciate that it would not be fair or appropriate to discuss the current situation in an email at the moment.

I never realised that taking on the role of Chair of TCP would be such a challenge but I am committed (as are the rest of the Committee) to ensure that we continue to work with the tenant to reach an amicable conclusion to what is turning out to be a very unfortunate and unhappy episode.

What I can assure you of is that there is a robust action plan in place for managing the pub when the current tenant leaves.  The plan will allow us time to get the pub back on an even keel and functioning to meet the needs of our community before we make any firm decision on how the pub is managed on a more permanent basis and by whom.

We realise that the AGM is not until May and we are considering an extraordinary meeting before that in order to provide you with as much of an update as we can.

Best wishes

Mary-Ann Stevenson | TCP Chair

Tenant Update from the new Chair

by Mary-Ann Stevenson | Chairman TCP

I am writing to advise that our tenants, Brian and Lainey, have given us 6 months’ notice to terminate the lease agreement with effect from 20th January.

The TCP Committee have formally accepted their notice as we agree that things have not worked out for them but we have offered them our support over the next few months to ensure that their departure is managed in the best way possible.

Please be assured that we do have plans in place for when they leave in order that the pub continues to serve the community and we are also considering our longer term options.

We will be providing further updates as and when it is appropriate to do so and most definitely at the AGM, but sooner if the current situation changes.

We hope that you will continue to support the pub during this time.

Best wishes

Mary-Ann Stevenson | TCP Chair

Message from the new Chair

by Mary-Ann Stevenson | Chairman TCP

Good afternoon

This is my first communication as Chair of TCP Management Committee and would just like to share how proud I feel to be the Chair to a group of committed and talented individuals who, in various ways, have all contributed to ensure that the pub has remained open and is viable.

The pub is very important to me and I have been a volunteer member of the Committee since May 2013.  For me, the pub plays an essential role in providing a central hub when people can come to have a meal, or just a drink, meet with friends, their neighbours and other people who they might not otherwise get to meet but who are part of the vibrant community we live in.  (Not forgetting that we are very fortunate in Toppesfield that we have other facilities that also serve our community).Read more

Autumn Update – 6th November 2016

by Andy Howells | Chairman TCP

Good day to all

I hope you have had the chance to visit the pub and meet the new Tenants since their arrival in the summer.  Brian and Lainey have a lot of experience in running different types of pub so are finding their feet in The Green Man and trying out some new ideas which are welcome to widen the range of clientèle.  The Oktoberfest went down really well with a variety of German beers and food, and they ably supported the “Talentless” evening. There is plenty more to come.Read more

New Phase of the Green Man – 14th September 2016

by Andy Howells | Chairman TCP

Now we have a new Tenant in the Pub, we are seeing an upturn in business, and I hope that you have had a chance to visit and meet Brian and Lainey. Many who previously had stopped going to enjoy the pub have started going back and are having a good experience.Read more

Andrew Howells

Green Man – Tenant change: 12th August 2016

by Andy Howells | Chairman TCP

As most of you will know, our existing tenant, Tony Downs, will be leaving the Green Man on 17th August after nearly 7 years running the pub.

In order to ensure that the business continues smoothly and without interruption, the Management Committee has been busy over the past couple of months looking for a replacement tenant.After advertising locally and nationally we generated a great deal of interest and received 6 written applications for the role, interviewing a number of these during July. Read more

Andrew Howells

TCP Ltd second Share Issue goes live!  

Shares make an excellent Christmas present for any of those ‘hard to buy for’ friends and relatives.

Go to New Share Issue page for full details.

Shareholder Meeting – 21st November 2015.

Click on Shareholder update on the Home page to read the notes of the meeting.

PumpHouse Brewery – Official Opening 24th October 2015:

by Graham Berry

Before a gathering of our VIP Partners and members of our Community (without whom none of this would have happened) the PumpHouse brewery has been officially opened.Read more

Toppesfield Community Pub Ltd: Chairmans report

by TCP Chairman: Andrew Howells

The original intention and objective of purchasing the pub was to ensure it stayed open. It is required to be an asset to the village and its various groups, existing and future, formal and informal. A place where anyone in the wider community could meet and felt welcome, and hopefully an attractive venue for those outside the village so to increase footfall and turnover.Read more